Two important characteristics of an ecommerce shopping cart

An ecommerce shopping cart application is a part and parcel of all ecommerce websites. In fact, they can be called the heart of any website. An ineffective shopping cart means an ineffectual website that fails to attract visitors and even if it does, it fails to convert them into customers.

There are two important characteristics that every online shopping cart must have. These are the characteristics that make or break such carts.

Easy Navigation

When a visitor is taken to your site’s shopping cart, he/she must be made to understand the features and functioning of your shopping carts. The navigation must be such that it ensures the quickness and convenience of the shopping cycle. This means that the user is able to get in and out of your ecommerce website, with the requisite purchase, in a matter of minutes. This improves the overall shopping experience for the user.

Highlights the Best and More Popular Products

Your shopping absolutely must highlight the best products available. Or let’s put that another way. It must be able to showcase those products that you want to sell. If it doesn’t do that and starts picking items at random, there is a good chance that the shopping cart will end up showcasing those products that are not that good and aren’t so popular. So, do keep this particular characteristic right at the top of your list.

Some Useful Tips For iPhone Users

People love their iPhone as they have an emotional attachment to their iPhone. Recent iOS 5 has given truly amazing features and functionality. Its capabilities ranging from e-mail, web surfing and phone to camera and games. Third party apps add additional features and functionality to the iPhone. We at iBits also offer iPhone app development services and try to make iPhone a better experience. In due course I am going to give you some useful tips regarding to iPhone.


Hard reset

When you face the problem of malfunction or glitch you can fix it with hard reset. Whenever the problem happens, just press down on your power button and home button simultaneously for few seconds and your iPhone will reboot.



When you want to capture a screenshot you have to do is press down on the Power button and Home button simultaneously for a second. Your screen will flash white and your screenshot will be in your Photo App. This image can be shared just like other photos.


Security code

To have a security code on iPhone is beneficial when your iPhone was stolen. It will keep your data safe and you will be able to wipe data from afar.


Find my iPhone App

When you lost your iPhone, go to app store and download ‘find my iPhone App’. this will help you to find your iPhone.



If you want to communicate with various smileys and emoticons then you should toggle your iPhone keyboard to Emoji. Just go to General > Keyboard > International Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Emoji.


Fix Home Button

When your Home button becomes unresponsive then use this trick.  Open any app ➡ press/hold the Power button until the Power Off option appears ➡ let go of the Power button ➡ hold down the Home button until the app closes.


Go to top of page

When you immediately return to the top of any page simply tap on the top of the screen.


Know Siri

If you want to set Siri up Go to Settings > General > Siri and then choose “My Info”. Once Siri know you she will act as a good assistance.

iPhone iOS 4.2 Application Development

Apple has changed the way people perceive the smart phones with introduction of iPhone. It has given exorbitant features and functionality that make device useful in business as well as in personal usage. It has added some features and functionality with every update and this can be evidenced in case of iOS 4.2 update. Expert iPhone developers/programmers at iBits take benefits of these newly added features and render iPhone iOS 4.2 application developments such a way that their clients get direct benefits in their business as well as in their day to day life.

These features are as following:

  • AirPrint: With AirPrint facilities you can get your print of email, photos, web pages and documents from iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod without cable connections and downloading any software or installing any drivers. This facility is available on jet printers from HP.
  • AirPlay: With AirPlay the iOS users stream digital media wirelessly to Apple TV as well as AirPlay enabled speakers at your home. You can easily watch your favourite movies and images on wide screen of TV or play music in your speakers.
  • Game centre: You will become more social with this feature as you can get more friends as well as you can play multiplayer games with new opponents by using auto-match.
  • Mail: You will have better mailing facilities as you can access mails from your all mail accounts in a combined inbox. You can arrange message systematically by using threads and able to open attachments in third party apps.
  • TV show rentals: You can rent TV show commercial free in HD for fewer amounts and less time.
  • Find me: This is important security aspect. You can locate lost device and protect important data. You can search your lost device on map, display a message on its screen and set a passcode lock remotely for deletion of data by doing pre-settings.

There are demands of iPhone iOS 4.2 application development in the market and we render our services with affordable price tags so talk with us and get robust results for your dream project.

iPad Twitter Apps Development Offers Two New Twitter Apps – Quip And Thirst

There is no shortage of computer, mobile and web clients, when it comes for Twitter apps development. The transparent timeline interface of Twitter helps developers to create all sorts of creative user interfaces and approaches to viewing and interacting with Twitter content.
Twitter is powerful enough in itself to offer great functionality to average users whereas Twitter lovers like to try some of the top twitter apps. For twitter app lovers there are two most fascinating apps Quip and Thirst – for the iPad. These two apps take very different approaches to twitter but both are outstanding, and worth downloading.
Rather than sharing links, when you use Twitter mostly for conversing with your Twitter contacts then Quip is the best iPad twitter app that you should download. With this twitter app, tweet exchanges are grouped together and can be expanded and viewed as part of the timeline rather than on a separate page. Moreover, you will find that the profile icons and tweets appear larger than the normal size. When you launch the app the icons becomes visible on the screen. The larger size means that you don’t have to tap to a second page to re-tweet, reply or favorite a tweet. Icons for these actions are part of each tweet.
Further, it provides the facility of viewing profile information without going to the separate page. This also saves time whenever you are trying to quickly follow or block someone. Besides, tapping a user’s icon, it displays his/her profile in a single window, without a need for tapping two or three times to see that information.
The only drawback in Quip is that the links to the web pages open up in an entirely separate window, which means that you have to leave the timeline totally just for viewing web pages. Otherwise, Quip is the best twitter app to download on your iPad.
Thirst is a free Twitter app to download that delivers a newspaper style presentation of your timeline. You can view your timeline in a traditional way but Newspaper view condenses and categorizes tweets in a display of photos, topics and contacts. When you tap on a topic, say CNN, you get all the related tweets, headlines and links for viewing.
However, Thirst can be slow due to the material it tries to load all at once. Scrolling in Thirst is not so smooth as in other similar apps. At times it takes a while to fetch web pages.
Anyways, these minute problems will not hinder your usual twitter experience of Quip and Thirst. You will definitely like to have them. Furthermore, iPad Twitter app development is a booming market with developers pouring in new apps. Still, if you are looking to add some features to your Twitter app then hire iPad developer, who can help you customize apps according to your needs.

Catchy and Educative iPad Apps Allure the Kids

It is a well known fact that children learn at jet speed. Their little brain has immense capability to grasp. When they see their parents working on the iPad, they naturally get curious about it. But playing with daddy’s apps isn’t comfortable for them. Moreover, they are least interested in the complicated stuff. This calls for iPad web development for the kids especially pre-schoolers.
There are many designers and developers who create iPad apps for the kids. The first thing while considering iPad apps for children is that it must be educative and yet playful. The iPad app should be a very good combination of knowledge and fun. The iPad web framework has various functionality which helps in designing such captivating apps for the children.
First thing to consider for iPad web development is the concept. The concept should be simple for kids to understand yet it should be challenging enough to help them learn. Leave the complicated things for the grownups! Simple concept can be formulated into an attractive design. The design should be without unnecessary clutter and visually appealing. Design with lot of pictures with vivid look and feel can easily attract the kids.
In addition, the user interface should be very simple to operate. We cannot expect children to do complicated touch gestures and hovering. So, interface should have simple drag and drop feature. Design features should include easy movement from one web page to another. These design considerations need to be kept in mind while going for iPad web development for kids.
While designing for the kids, you have to consider many mental models and metaphors that are suitable for the kids. Mental models are interaction patterns used to create familiarity with the user. Kids can get connected with patterns that have more real world feeling. So, patterns like characters, alphabets should be used as these form natural connection with the kids.
A design which is easy to engage, flow and transform into catchy apps is best suited for the kids. Kids enjoy the most when they find a way to solve a problem. If your web apps gives little notes of encouragement when the child wins the game or solves a problem then it would certainly be very popular.
Thus, iPad web development for kids and pre-schoolers should be made simple and uncomplicated. I hope when you make iPad apps for the kids then keeping these things at the back of your mind would help you to a large extent.

What to know about local internet marketing

banner_market_3_001Local internet marketing is a potential marketing strategy deployed by companies looking for multiplying their consumer belt. This method of marketing requires a participation of considerable independent business owners to win over large networks of consumers, which would not be otherwise possible using just the basic offline and online marketing methods. A lot of experts compare this strategy with a simple business model which requires the service of independent contractors in marketing and publicizing the products of the parent company.

This marketing strategy is often given other terms like mlm (multi-level marketing), direct selling, pyramid selling, affiliate marketing, tiered marketing, and more. The method has proven beneficial particularly for the start-up or developing companies who want to sell their own range of products under the brand name of popular companies and enterprises.

The reason for the popularity of this advanced marketing strategy is its potential outcome, in form of large consumer belt, which proves beneficial for both the parent company as well as the affiliates. It would be justified to state that this pyramid marketing has surpassed the potential of the traditional offline and online means of marketing.
This means that instead of marketing products under your own brand, the parent company opts to distribute and market its services through a set of chosen independent business owners. The selected business affiliates then reach these products to the list of their own network consumers, friends and family.

First and foremost, it is imperative to study the years of establishment of the prospective company and its growth graph. This gives solid information on the vast experience of the independent owner, one is thinking to hire.
Secondly, implementation of certain policies, especially, the product return policy, gives assurance on the legitimacy of the company. It is a must to analyze such policies driven by the prospective companies before even extending an invitation for affiliate marketing. Further, the years of experience as an independent manager of the enterprise must be given due attention to learn more on his training and development.marketing1

This step is by far most important to meet a targeted marketing goal, as planned by the parent company. Next, solid analysis to cross check the legitimacy of the prospective company must be undertaken. This can be easily conducted by studying the company policies, especially, product return policy, which confirms about its legality.
In such cases, traditional and redundant methods of online and offline marketing fails to make an impact over the considerable percentage of retail consumers. The products of the parent company are sold under the tag-ship of the popular independent business owner.